Rhino Naming Auction

As we count down the days until the rhino are in Ngamo, some of the community leaders have suggested names for their first two rhino. Would you, or perhaps your clients, like to be part of this exciting and once in a lifetime opportunity to help the people of Mlevu Ward name their rhinos?

Join Imvelo on Monday 23 May 2022 at the live auction to get an update from the team, see the rhino and have your say. Register and make be able to make live bids for your chance to choose the rhino’s names!

For more information and the list of rhino names chosen by the community please visit: Hwange Community Rhino

The rhino on the left is #803 and on the right is #204.
Rhino #803 is 8 years old, taller, longer, wider, very inquisitive and a good listener!
Rhino #204 is 7 years old, smaller and stumpier but feisty and alert!