Green season predator action, Ngamo Plains with Imvelo Safari Lodges

My last visit was in the driest and hottest of months, October, where we heard and were introduced to several active groups of predators.  The stories had us gripped and I have been following the story lines closely to see what is happening with the new lion coalition, the Chiz boys (Cheetah) and wild dog pack that seem to have taken up residency near Bomani.  We have always been told that the best time of year to see predators in Hwange is the green season and this year has been no exception.  The Ngamo plain is the largest savannah plain in the Park and from January to April this is where a large proportion of the wildebeest and zebra move to, to give birth to their calves and foals and are also joined by impala doing the same.  This is a bountiful time for the predators and the most amazing action is seen on the plains.  Photography opportunities abound with little or no dust and plenty of ponds and green grass for gorgeous photogenic backdrops.


Hwange changes with the seasons but the Imvelo Camps, in the south of the Park, Bomani and Camelthorn, offer a great base from which to take in all the action. It may not be the elephant fuelled show that I saw in October but it is a time to visit like no other; plentiful plains game and predators but with the added bonus of lush scenery, a gentler, more relaxed feel and exceptional birding to boot.

With more people travelling the World over I prefer to visit areas in the shoulder or quieter seasons as I yearn for that time to reconnect with those I travel with, those I visit and to experience the beauty of the wild areas we are privileged to spend time in.

Maybe the next visit should be in the ‘predator’ season.  What do you think?