Responsible Tourism is defined as ‘tourism that creates better places for people to live in and better places to visit.’

As Marketing Worldwide, we are committed to promoting and working with clients who take responsible tourism seriously with a hands-on approach to conservation initiatives. Our clients are committed to generating greater economic benefits for the local communities where they operate and working with them to improve their lives through a variety of means.

Local people are at the heart of decisions that affect them directly and indirectly and in turn, this produces a more enjoyable experience for guests through more meaningful connections with staff and local people and a greater understanding and respect of their cultural, social and environmental issues.

Each of our clients work in a unique way which they have discussed with the communities that surround them and are relevant to them. We incorporate this into the presentations and information that we send out to the travel trade and in doing so, try to encourage respect between tourists and their hosts which together builds and maintains both local pride and confidence with economic benefits to the local community. This, we hope, helps to preserve the wonderful and unique wild places, wildlife, birdlife, flora and fauna in each of the areas we work with.

Footsteps in Africa – sustainable tourism projects
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Gamewatchers and Porini Camps – supporting communities
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Responsible tourism with Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps
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Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps conservancy concept model
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Coquille Bonheur – The Lucky Shell

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South Africa
Babylonstoren – A host of stories
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Nimali Africa – Conservation and Community
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Remote Africa Safaris  – Education programme and Outpatient Clinic
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Imvelo Safari Lodges – Community Initiatives
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Imvelo Safari Lodges – Wildlife Conservation Projects
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Marketing Worldwide is proud and passionate about working with a small collection of like-minded partners who offer their guests different and special experiences and who take responsible tourism seriously with a hands-on approach to conservation initiatives.