Sundowner drive from Babylonstoren

Sundowner overlooking Table Mountain

The food at Babylonstoren is crisp, clean, fresh and utterly delicious. We have welcomed many of you to share lunch with us at Babel and those who have stayed at the Farm have experienced a breakfast like no other. We thought we would share some of our favourite experiences with you and include a delicious recipe for this gorgeous weather we are having…

1. Which is our favourite wine?
H&S: In the summer, it has to be the rosé. It is crisp, clean and utterly delicious. In the winter, it is Babylonstoren’s Nebukadnesar. Hands down. No contest.

2. Which is our favourite time to visit the Farm?
H&S: we are usually at Babylonstoren in May, around Indaba time, although we have been in December. We would love to go in October, at the start of Spring to see what is new in the garden. The farm has evolved so much since we started and each year there are an amazing number of new things to see and learn.

3. What is our favourite plant or area of the garden?
S: I love the spekboom plant. I love that I can pick it as I walk past and eat it – packed with vitamin C and also full of tannins which helps maintain your immune system.
H: I love the chamomile lawn, walking barefoot or having a little roll is pure pleasure and my version of a detox.

4. What is your favourite memory on the Farm?
H&S: Oh I think it has to be watching Helen trying to get out of the canoe on the dam. Everytime she was close to the shore and tried to get out, the canoe drifted away and she didn’t quite make it. Sally also got drenched in the spekboom maze which has hidden water fountains -be warned!

5. Which is our favourite activity or experience on the Farm?
H&S: It has to be eating and drinking! The food is just so good, that has to be at the top of the list. We really enjoy taking the garden tour, we learn something new every time, picking and tasting along the way, always inspired to try something different.  The wine tasting is definitely a must and being able to go to the old pig sty, grab a bike and go and explore. A  little retail therapy, last time we made our own beauty products in the scent room, we should take an extra suitcase. We love the views across the valley and of Table Mountain from the top of the mountains after the drive up (see picture below) …oh dear,  were we only supposed to have one favourite?

6. Which is our favourite room?
H&S: Going up to the Fynbos rooms in a golf buggy is great fun, we laughed a lot and the views from the rooms are breathtaking but the original cottages remain our favourite.

7. Which is our favourite part of the Farm?
H&S: Sally is very envious of the original henhouse and wish she had that for her hens! Helen loves watching the ducks return from work, they go crazy in the ponds, cooling off and having a noisy splash before parading back home.

8. What is new on the Farm?
S: There is a new tour of the Fynbos Garden that is run up by the new Fynbos rooms. Check it out: New Fynbos tour at Babylonstoren.

9. What are our top 3 reasons for visiting and staying at Babylonstoren?
1. The food (and wine) is so delicious and fresh you really have to visit and taste.  2. Learning – there are so many specialists who work at the Farm and their collective knowledge is mind-blowing. It doesn’t matter where you are on the farm, there are always new things to see and learn and it has been amazing to be part of this evolving journey, watching how the gardens and farm have grown since the beginning. We feel really privileged to be a part of that. 3. The shopping of course!!! The farm shop is amazing and we love the fact that you can try/test/make your own face products in the scented room, select your own bread/cheese/meats from the shops and discover a quiet part of the farm for a picnic.

10. Which is our favourite recipe?
H&S: We don’t really have one as all the food is simply delicious from the hand-made rusks in the room to the coloured salads in Babel. Everything is so seasonal and fresh. For a bit of fun, try out this new pistachio ice-cream recipe below:

Quick and easy pistachio ice cream recipe:
Ingredients: 400ml condensed milk, ice cold 450ml double cream, 5ml good quality pistachio or vanilla essence. Method: Whisk the cream on a slow mixer speed until it reaches the soft peak stage. Be careful not to over-beat the cream. Add the cold condensed milk and whisk faster until the mixture thickens. Fold in the essence. Transfer to an airtight container and place in the freezer. Freeze for at least 8 hours. Makes about 1 litre. See top LHS picture.

We hope you enjoy making this simple recipe and would love it if you feel brave enough to send us a picture of your creation!