Most existing rhino conservation successes throughout Africa are on private land or government park land. This project represents a massive paradigm shift particularly for white rhino because it is on community land with local communities as custodians. Preparations have been going on for several years now, and there is a huge amount of anticipation within the communities.

A policy unique to this project, and rooted in local security, is our scout selection courses which are open only to young people from the neighbouring villages. Those who pass selection undergo rigorous training to British military standards. The 25-man Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Unit are well armed and equipped and are turning into local heroes. Children at Ngamo School emulate their heroes and are now inspired to play ‘Cobras’ in their free time – marching, saluting and doing press ups.

If you are interested in supporting the cobras and protection of the rhinos coming to Hwange please let us know and we can share some of the opportunities available, from $600 to cover food and salary for 1 cobra per month to expansion projects such as erecting and electrification of fencing.  The list is endless.

This is a momentous achievement for Hwange and for our future guests to have a meaningful impact on the communities who have taken the leap to be part of this ground-breaking conservation initiative.

To find out more go to : Hwange Community Rhino