grey rhino lying beside grey cut logs

World Rhino Day is marked every year on 22 September to create awareness about the different kinds of rhino species as well as the dangers they face. DID YOU KNOW…

  1. There are five species in the world: White and Black (found in Africa), Indian, Javan, and Sumatran (found in southern Asia).
  2. The Black, Sumatran and Javan are listed as ‘critically endangered’ by IUCN – there are thought to be fewer than 70 Javan and 100 Sumatran rhinos left in the wild, they are truly under threat of extinction.
  3. Sumatran rhinos are the smallest and can weigh up to 600kg/95st whereas white rhinos are the largest weighing up to 3,500kg/550st – about 3 tonnes!
  4. Rhino are huge and yet only eat grass/leaves.
  5. Rhino horn is made up of keratin (the same protein which forms the basis of our hair and nails) and can grow up to 7cm/year.



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