Ilanga HoneyWith some extra time on our hands recently we have been looking beyond tourism at some of the amazing stories and products that support people across the continent we love. Whilst chatting to Paula Carnell,  who is passionate and an expert on honey, we came across Ilanga Honey, a truly remarkable product with a beautiful and heart warming back story. In Madagascar, Ilanga-Nature supports 350 independent beekeepers by helping them set up bee hives. Many rural people scratch a living by felling the once abundant trees, realising that this was unsustainable and extremely destructive, they have given the beekeepers the tools to become the guardians of the forests and trees. Each jar of honey sold, contributes to more trees being planted and then cared for by the beekeepers. Many of the unique sources of nectar for the bees are from trees endemic in Madagascar. Ilanga-Nature and their beekeepers therefore not only create small business owners, able to build their own homes and send their children to school, but also re plant the much needed trees, not only to feed the bees, but to also benefit the globe with the retained biodiversity and carbon absorption that only comes with well forested regions. If you would like to support this wonderful cause please use the code ‘island’ which will give you a small discount. Honey sales